Our Emerson Pro Pots are custom made for us by CTS to our exacting specifications. What makes our pots different than other CTS variants on the market? ALL of our pots are hand metered to ensure that they meter within our advertised +/- 8% tolerance of the 250K or 500K resistance. Our Emerson Pro Pots are low torque and feature a proprietary custom audio taper that we designed to maximize response (you can turn down all the way to 2 and its like you just turned down your amp).

Here you'll find most of the parts you'd need to completely rewire your guitar with the same exact premium quality components that we use in all of our prewired kit builds here at our shop (Emerson Pro Pots, Emerson Paper In Oil Capacitors, switches, jacks etc).

Check out all of our other components from Emerson Custom below for your specific needs... or wants... it's OK to want things. Just go for it!