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Hand-built in the USA using some of the best materials available.

This set is what we've always wanted in a Strat...  plenty of bite and balance with some balls...  but not too hot. The Bridge excels in dynamics and output without bring shrill. The Middle and Neck are incredible as well! This set will bring your Strat to life!


- Red Bottom Fiberboard w/ Black Top Fiberboard

- White Pickups Covers

- Wired with our exclusive custom cloth wire leads

- Alnico 5 Magnets

- Wound with 42 AWG Plain Enamel Wire

- Custom Staggered Magnets for optimal output

- Steel Eyelets for added durability


Matched Set Includes:

1: Bridge (Output Approx: 6.2k to 6.6k Resistance)

1: Middle (RWRP)  (Output: Approx 6.2k to 6.6k Resistance)

1: Neck (Output Approx: 6.2k to 6.6k Resistance)